Thursday, April 30, 2009

First Impressions...

If you do not have a parent and one of your collegian staff in charge of greeting peeps when they get to youth group, you are going to see some major negative effects. The reason is that when parents come to drop off their kids, they want to know that they are in a safe environment, they need to feel good about letting them stay with your group.

But prolly the more important part about getting your peeps out in front during the beginning and the end of the nite is that you will have some great recruiting opportunities come up, ones that you would never have thought of. Check it out – the parents that are dropping off the kids are the ones that are cool enuff to get their kids and those in the neighborhood to the group for the nite in the first place. These are the peeps you need to be going after. How do I know… my folks were always the ones doing just that. They were the ones that made sure that I got to all the extracurricular stuff that I liked to do. And, because all my friends knew this, they would hitch a ride with me.

For instance, any of the dads that we got to be a part of staff was a result of one of our other dads on staff standing out in the parking lot, you know, with a flashlight and a reflector vest telling the other dads that they needed to come chill on staff – and some did! And it just wasn’t this area, but all of them. The moms and dads and other adults that put time into your ministry are your biggest advocates (if you play your cards correctly).

Use the influence of the peeps on staff to get others to join your ministry. You are only going to able to relate to a select few. The rest, leave up to your staff – they know the value of ministry and adding value to others. They will get the job done, yo.