Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The little things come second

So i was watching a news program and there was a person on there doing some show and tell stuff for her product. and about a minute into it one of the hosts of the show says to the camera, prolly to the producer, "ok, its a good time for that background music about now." amazing. this station spends millions and millions on these shows and you would figure that the peeps behind it would understand how important it is to get stuff right. but, they do not much of the time. apparently, TelePrompTers mess up or someone forgets to get something done in the correct amount of time... these are professionals!

so tell my why i am so anal when it comes to doing stuff on a program nite and making sure things are picture perfect. remember when you were the head youth guy or girl and you did everything. when the kids got there for the midweek program you would be the one to sign them in. then you would move them into the gym or the field to do games - which you lead. then you moved everyone down to snack time (i love that name and will keep it forever) and then the message, which you gave. then it was off to group time. and you lead one of those as well.

the bad part about all of this is that you were burning the candle at both ends and felt like at any moment your body, mind or spirit would give way and it was time to be with the lord. i guess that would be the good part about the bad part. but the cool thing about doing everything on any given program nite is that you knew what had to be done and you made sure that it got done. and it did. most of the time. and if it did not get done then you had no one to blame but yourself. 

then you get some really cool peeps that have tons of talent that want to be a part of the program side of your ministry and you start to give up each of your responsibilities, knowing that if you have someone else do them you can better use your talents the way they need to be used. now that you give stuff away you have a better chance of something going wrong. little things like someone missing a music cue or messing up a video or having the wrong materials for an upfront game or whatever. and this little stuff would set me off and get all frustrated. then i realized that if it wasn't for my team then i would be doing everything myself again and that would ultimately lead to stuff sucking or running me into the ground.

when is the last time you told the peeps that run particular areas of your program that you appreciate them? if you think that they are not doing a good enuff job then you need to have them stop because obviously their volunteered time is not gonna cut it. don't get me wrong. sometimes peeps want to be in parts of ministry that they have absolutely no business being in for lack of talent or skill. and you have to get them out. however, if you did your homework, then the peeps that run stuff for you are qualified and may have an off nite every now and again. get over it. give them love. they are your lifeline and you owe them the success of your ministry.

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