Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Inexperience is a beautiful thing

when i was going to college and doing ministry vocationally at the same time i thought that i was crazy. there were long hours involved on both ends and i pretty much made the decision to give up my college years to pour into the lives of students. at the time i did not know if it was really a good idea or not. however, i wanted to continue to be in relationship with Cobb and so when the job was offered to me i took it. i knew that Cobb was familiar with my spiritual walk and capabilities and that he had a reason for wanting to bring me on to staff. he knew what i was good at and what i need work in. he knew my dreams, goals and ambitions.

over the next four years i learned how to do ministry on a paid level under one of the best in the business. we experienced all kinds of stuff together. i know that it had been some time since the guy before me to work for the church and so i wanted to tear it up. it is in my nature to want to be the best. i wanted to show Cobb and the church that i was the best decision that they ever made. it was something that drove me to be better each and every day. 

i only really am beginning to understand how blessed i was at that time to be under the leadership of such an experienced team of pastors, all the way up to our Senior Pastor. these were peeps who genuinely wanted the best for our parishioners and non-believers who needed to hear the Word. In the beginning of one of his letters, Paul writes,

"Paul, an apostle of Jesus Christ by the will of God, and Timothy our brother..."
Colossians 1:1

the cool part about this opening is that Paul did not have to add Timothy, even if the boy was the one who was penning the letter. Yet Paul did. He saw Timothy as one of his lieutenants and one who shared with him in the Gospel. think about it. Paul was one of the big dawgs in the church and could have chosen to do ministry with anyone he wanted - and he chose this kid. and that is how i felt. i had the privilege of being under the supervision and care of a guy who knew ministry unlike many others. and although it took me a while to understand, eventually i did.

and today is no different. i still seek the counsel of Cobb and other Godly men who know ministry and have wisdom beyond their years. while many of my friends were falling away from ministry for reasons of pour examples of leadership, i was excelling. while my buddies were getting frustrated, i was being taught. so the question i have is who you look to in your quest for ministry for the long haul. many peeps have a great vision but they are all alone with no Paul in their life to help them develop it. well then, find a new leader. if you are going to be at the helm of ministry, you need to know who you are following.

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