Friday, August 14, 2009

Taking credit...

Learn to take as little credit as you possible can. This will build your ministry in ways you could never imagine. I sat in a seminar back in the day and heard a speaker say that if you work your way out of the job enough you will become an indispensable asset. And we all know that our staff members deserve all of the credit in our ministries. They are not paid for the work that they put in to church stuff. They give time to students because of conviction and belief is God's good work.

Cobb always kept us on a strict schedule and our volunteer staff members put in more time than a lot of full time pastors. I am serious. And many of them had more students in their groups than a small youth ministry. They knew the impact that they were making and in turn gave up a lot of freedom in life to give back to others. Our staff would come early, leave late, put in the time necessary to be successful and do ministry right. They wanted to make a difference in the lives of students and bought into the big ministry picture. And that was key to the movement of the ministry as a whole.

If your volunteer staff does not believe in the vision that you set then you are in big trouble. Worse than that, if you ask someone on your staff what the mission and vision are and they have no idea then you are already on a slippery road. Do on ever just “let ministry happen.” and I am not referring to the Holy Spirit, but to the way that you execute ministry. We need to be in tune with the calling and work that God calls us to do. The best way to honor your volunteers and their time is to not waste it. Know what you are doing. Make schedules and calendars. Don't be the typical youth pastor who procrastinates and flies by the seat of their pants. This will ultimately come back to get you.

It is not cool to be the person thinking everything up at the last minute to make it work. If you have to, then it is good to be able to do that, but not all the time. Do your homework and get stuff ready. This will set your team up for success and then they will get all of the credit, both in the eyes of the students and the church. Your success is no more than the leaders your create and shape. Spend more time than they would think you would. Always put them first and help them excel. Your ministry will be unstoppable.

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  1. Most people can't think as fast as you can. Most people will never do ministry like you. You got a gift that most of us have watched, and can't hang with you. You gotta give us a little more. I love how you share your insights, but you're MO - they work out pretty good for you. Break it down for us and remember that we can't roll like you can.