Thursday, October 15, 2009

The next best thing

I just back from a conference and it was interesting that everyone was looking for the next best thing. I am not saying that is a bad part of your vision, but it cannot BE the vision. if it is then you are going to constantly be frustrated and always thinking that you are not good enough or that your ministry is not hip and with it enough. and this is what can really jack up your ministry. yes, we have to be on the up and up with the way that we communicate and the way that we present stuff to students, but it should not be the first thing on our minds.

what is most important is to get the message across, not to have an opinion that is so asinine that it blows people away and make them go crazy thinking about it. those thoughts and statements will come in time - trust me. but what i am learning more and more as i continue on in ministry is that my message and my relationships become more simple. and the more simple you communicate the Gospel the more effective you will be. the key is to know why you are doing ministry and learning to keep the vision the same, changing only the way you are getting there.

Oliver DeMille writes, “Live deliberately, and do not wait for institutions to change to meet your needs.” when you go to other churches or conferences you should not be looking for them to give you the next big thing or the one life-changing program or message. you should be looking for the stuff that fits in line with the way that you run your youth group. do not change the course completely and give it a new destination. chances are the the way you want to go is and awesome place to be and that is why you thought of it in the first place.

be deliberate in the stuff you do in your ministry. there is nothing new under the sun and god will not be overly impressed with the way that you are running program, the new lights, sanctuary and the like. what he will continue to like is seeing lives changed in your ministry and disciples being made. trust your instinct and know your calling. if god gives you a vision and it is affirmed by others, don’t be quick to change it. don’t give up.

whatever you do, do not let others discourage you from the path you are on. you know why you do stuff the way you do and you have peeps in your life to tell you when you are being dumb - listen to them and no one else. it will save you a lot of heartache. the next best thing is not ever really as good as you thought it would be anyway. it is usually just an old idea packaged in a different way. you know your ministry team and kids. so, you be the one to think of the new ideas... when they are necessary.

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