Friday, October 30, 2009

Windshield time...

Some of the best ministry you will ever do will be on the way to do ministry. i remember spending countless hours in Cobb’s vehicles over the many years we did ministry together. it all started in high school when i was one of the students in his ministry. he would pick me up in his grey astro minivan to hang out, go to eat, conferences and stuff like that. the day i accepted JC as my Lord and Savior was sitting in the passenger seat of that van, praying for God to take over my life in a deliberate way.

those years continued into the time i was on paid staff as a youth intern and a pastor under his care. we would go everywhere together. the adventures were endless. and on all of those drives we would have some serious talks, light-hearted ones and those that brought tears to my eyes. we went on missions trips together, more conferences, other churches for meetings and around town to see random peeps in our youth group and those on staff.

and no matter how short or far the drive, he always offered to drive and insisted that we roll together. it was that important to him to get some time with me and whoever he was ministering with at the time. and i never really understood that for the longest time. but he consistently fueled up his tank in hopes that he could do the same for my spiritual life. it was intentional ministry. i did not see it but he did. i look back on those conversations and times in the automobiles with him and thank God for the time he spent with me.

and because of that i do the same intentional ministry now. when i am spending time with pastors or other persons with whom i do leadership stuff, if there is a way for us to roll together then i do it. looking through the many windshields we shared i have learned some of the most important lessons of my life. are you doing the same? do you take even the smallest of opportunities to spend with your staff to build into them? until you see every opportunity as one to add value to others i suggest that you continue to learn more about leadership. we all have blind spots. and it is not bad. we are just lucky to have guys like Cobb in our lives to put that time in when we have no idea whats going on.

it took me years to learn, but i did. and i still do. get some windshield time with your mentors. whether they are going a short or far distance, get in the vehicle and drive. many times its the trips where very few to no words are spoken that you will learn the most. take what you can because those who believe in you are willing to give it and you should eagerly accept the guidance. look at the places in your life where God is trying to speak to you through others and begin to recognize meaningful and intentional relationships. ask your mentor, i’ll be s/he already knows, and will be impressed for you to see it too.

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