Friday, October 30, 2009

Your personal agenda...

Let’s be real clear about this. do not push your spiritual agenda on any other person that you know. i remember going to the Rose Parade with my junior high group and had a blast every year. at the end there would always be the peeps directly behind it with signs like “God will send you to hell... unless you repent.” and every year our students would inevitably ask questions about whether or not that was an effective way to minister. well, i am a firm believer in that God can use whatever God wants to change the hearts of people... and that is all i have to say about that.


but that brings me to a more important question. how do you minister to others? are you the person who gets all offended and upset when others do not see God the way that you do? i hope not. i remember when i first started ministry and would do my absolute best to get peeps to love God, and if they did not then i would get all discouraged and be angry with both them and God. that caused me a bunch of strife and wasted energy because there was really only so much that i had control of and the rest was out of my control.

don’t push your spiritual agenda on others, it will just stifle your ministry. i am amazed at when peeps say that they are going to a new church because the one that they are leaving is not “feeding” them anymore. what does that mean anyway??? if you accept JC in your life then you are on the working side of ministry - no excuse. remember the ministry that you are leaving is prolly the same one that met you where you were at when you were one who did not believe in JC as your Savior. so, get over it. if you are not growing in your spiritual walk with God then blame one person - you.


stop complaining and start doing ministry. and remember that the peeps that are not “getting it” are the same group you were in at one time in your life. if your church or group is not doing well, don’t leave it. that is when it needs you the most. and don’t give me that bunk that there Lord is “moving you in a new direction.” most of the time it is just you running from a bad ministry with problems that you prolly helped create. so, get in your ministry, roll up your sleeves, stop blaming the Senior Pastor’s “lack of understanding” or anyone else’s shortcoming and help peeps see the vision. if you cannot communicate vision then you are not going to make it in this business for the long haul. I believe in you. I pray for you - the youth pastors of the world. you will shape the minds and hearts of today’s youth so that they will change the world for God tomorrow.

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