Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Poker face...

How close do you hold your cards? I was watching the World Series of Poker. I liked when each hand was dealt. It is so cool to see the dealer move calmly to get those cards out to each individual player. And then the game begins. The players each have unique ways of looking at their cards to make absolutely sure that no one in the room can sneak a peek at them. Sometimes I can't even see while I am watching on TV and have to wait for the commentators to tell me what hand a player holds. I can't believe that the players can see; I mean, they barely lift the cards off the table to look. Once they know what they hold, each time a “community card” is laid down for all to see, everyone starts to use some strategery to outwit everyone else.

You need to know what hand you hold and how much to show and when. When something happens during a midweek program nite, how do you respond? When you are thrown for a loop do you let everyone know you are freaking out, or do you do it softly within your soul, wishing you could scream?! I hope it is the latter. Let me remind each of us that peeps will respond depending on the way that you respond and act in any given situation, good or bad. If the building catches on fire there is a good and a not-so-good way to handle the madness. You may be panicking in your head, heart, or even both, but you can't let yourself lose it. If you let your emotions get the best of you it will be detrimental in both the short and long run.

Your peeps are looking to you for guidance. What hey want and need in times of chaos is you to do the right thing. They want your leadership, not your excuses. That is why you are in that position. Anyone can make the easy everyday decisions... leader are called to a higher standard to handle these situations. Trust me, they will be watching you and they will remember your leadership, or lack thereof. This will determine the movement of your ministry, up or down.

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