Monday, October 11, 2010

Follow your mentor...

I do a lot of talking to churches and other ministries about how to do stuff. I have pretty good handle on what is right and wrong in a ministry. And it is not that I think that I can do ministry better than others, because I am far from the best. But I have to say that the ministry that I have learned is pretty good. It is not of my own doing. It is all from the peeps who have taught me. About halfway through most of my conversations with pastors and youth leaders, the same question arises… “Who is this Kevin Cobb guy?” inevitably, I have to laugh.

Well, he is the guy who has taught me everything about ministry. Why, cause he’s been doing ministry for his whole life. The guy is like Yoda. Most of my sentences begin with, “Well, Cobb taught me…” And it is true. Even today, just a few minutes of his time is all I really need to keep me on the ministry track. He knows stuff about me that I didn’t know about myself. He knows my heart when I do not. He is a mentor, still to this day, who guides most of my decisions in life – and especially my vocational ministry stuff.

So, who do you have? Recently, one of the guys I talk to about ministry asked a funny question. He was like, do you know anything from your own knowledge, or is it all from Cobb? And the best part about it, was the question was kind of supposed to be a dig at my lack of ability to lead. Awww, the young man will learn. I responded with my own question for him that went something like this, “Are you comfortable knowing that you don’t really know anything and that someone else, or a group of mentors, could teach you about ministry?” I’ll tell you this much… when you find out who you follow, then you are ready to be a leader. I am cool with knowing that I have stolen every single part of my ministry from Kev. Who do you look to for your ministry stuff?

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