Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Metal of a leader...

All leaders go through some pretty tough times. This is where the metal of the person is formed and tested. What does that mean anyway? I looked it up on line for a good half hour and did not see anything about testing a person’s metal. So I guess I just have to go off what I have seen from champions and peeps in my own life. Have you ever been in a position where you did not feel like you were doing your best? As a speaker, sometimes you get on stage and are giving all you can, only to find a room of stone-faced peeps. And this really is no fault of theirs. Think about it. When you get on stage to speak you are a performer. Now, my mentor always told me that you are never to perform. It is your job as a speaker to transfer a feeling. But I guess you cannot get around the fact that what you do and say is going to either inspire peeps or bore them. I know that is harsh and black-and-white. But if you break it down, I guess that is what it comes down to.

When I am in that position where I feel I have nothing to give, I have to rely on those who lift me up and spur me on. Who is that in your life? I have a couple of peeps that keep me both in check, as well as give me the encouragement to keep moving. Being a leader or so someone up front means that even on your worst days you need to be ready to inspire! Are you ready to take on that challenge? I did not know that it would be bad sometimes when I first started out being an up-front guy. But it all goes with the territory. Your metal as a leader will be tested in the times you do not feel ready to lead. Fail often and fail big. But get out there and do something, because the majority of peeps will not. They will look to you for guidance. And if you have gone through the fire and have been strengthened, you will be ready to lead when called.

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