Sunday, January 2, 2011

Easy answers...

I was reading a blog by my good friend and confidant and was very interested in his view of New Year’s resolutions. He said that they are never as easy as we would view them or hope them to be. You know; losing weight, quit smoking, etc. I immediately thought to myself that maybe it was that easy. I was in disagreement with him until I realized the reason I felt that way was because I have the accountability he was talking about. I guess the reason I feel that I reach more of my goals than many of my friends is simply because I have them. It is funny, because I miss more of my goals than I fulfill. This was disturbing to me for a long time. I was like, why even have goals if I am just going to miss them, you know??? It was mad frustrating. Then I talked to a mentor.

He asked me how many of my goals I actually hit during a year. It was an astonishing horrible 40% or so. I couldn’t believe that I was so bad at hitting my goals. But my mentor assured me that the more goals I set, and the harder I make them, the better I will get as a person. So I guess I am wondering the same about each of you. I have peeps in my life who keep me accountable to my goals. Sometimes I don’t want to talk to them because I know I have to tell them that I missed a goal. But then I realize that the goals that I do hit are because of my responsibility to me and those who pour time and energy into me. Do you set goals? Who keeps you accountable? How are you going to make this year better than the last?

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