Saturday, January 15, 2011

Slacking off...

The sign of a good leader is one who chooses not to slack off when others are not watching. When I am around my staff and they do their best, I expect it. However, it is when no one is around that leaders do the hard work. For example, one of the best leaders that came up through our program was a young dude who worked tirelessly to get stuff done. When everyone was gone and the church was locked up, he always found a way to get in and do some more work. Now, this guy had special gifts and talents that others did not, but he never took for granted that ministry came pretty easy to him. He was getting program stuff ready or preparing a message. Sometimes he was just in there praying or cleaning, or helping someone else do stuff that they would not be able to hack because they were out of time. This guy was never out of time. Sure he was busy, but he never used that as an excuse. He overcame the obstacle and worked hard always.

John Wooden says that we should not compare ourselves to anyone else when it comes to our ability. This guy was the epitome of that. He was really good at some stuff and not so good at others. I am the same way. There are about three parts of ministry and team stuff that I am really good at. The rest of it can be done better by someone else. And that is the challenge with leadership. You have to constantly be on the look-out for those who will fit well within your team. When you can find others that are better than you – and lead them – you will be well on your way to successful mentorship, ministry, and leadership in whatever area you are in.

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