Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Who needs planning...

You gotta make sure that in your position known to those on your team. When you run a program or some other kind of event, peeps need to know what is happening. One of the most important parts of that process is letting them know when it is going to start and end. If your team is uncertain of when stuff is going to get over, then they are more apt to get lethargic early and give up. And when it comes to relationships and effectiveness on all fronts, which will totally mess stuff up for you. John Wooden used to take two hours to plan a practice that would last for less a period of time than the planning session. It was important for him to let his team know his expectations so they could give him their best effort up to the end. If the players did not know when the practice was going to end, as many coaches did not, then he knew his boys would not give it their all and always hold something back.

For youth pastors this is touchy. Take camps for instance. If you take your group up to a summer camp that starts on Sunday and will end on Saturday, watch how peeps respond on Friday nite and Saturday morning. It’s like camp is already over for some of them – both kids and leaders. But if you can keep your leaders in the game and help them understand the importance of running to the last second, the event will be good up to the end. How do you do this? Wow, over many years of doing the wrong stuff and learning under Cobb, we found out how to get the most out of every second of every event. It is exhausting beyond belief, but worth it for those under your leadership.

Do you plan well… or at all? I would strongly suggest that in whatever field you work, when you are given the opportunity to lead that you do your best to plan ahead. By doing this you tell your team that you respect their time and they will work harder because they know you are working harder as well. When peeps feel like stuff is thrown together, they do not feel appreciated. And we have to continually remind our teams that they are the reason we lead… for them.

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