Monday, March 14, 2011

Next season...

One of my boys tweeted me earlier this evening about some potential stuff that he will be doing for the next several months to years. He said that he was looking forward to the “next season” of his life. I love this way of looking at life. This guy and I share a common mentor… you guessed it – Kevin Cobb. When I was first working at the church with Cobb, he would talk to me about what it would take to be successful over the many years of ministry that God had in store for me. I never really knew what he was talking about. I was young and invincible. All I really wanted to do was get stuff done at that moment in time. I was not looking into the future. Over the next several years, Cobb gently helped me understand that many season of life that I would face.

Now that I am older and wiser (if not only a little more) I understand what he means. I want to be better now than I was yesterday or yester-year even. If I do not continue to grow then I am spitting in the face of every man and woman that has put time into my growth. With the gazillion hours that Cobb alone put into me, I would be ashamed if I did not run this life so hard that I go sliding into the grave. So I guess I want to know what you are doing to prove that you deserve the life you have been given. I know you are worth it and there are peeps that believe in you. There are men and women that have put time into your development. If you ever give up then you do them a disservice. What season of life are you in at the moment? What are your struggles? Who knows them? What are you looking forward to doing?

Call someone you know believed in your when no one else would. Ask them what they think you should be doing? They will tell you. I just talked to Cobb earlier this week. And from the millions of conversations we have had over the years, you might think that I would not need to hear it from him again. Hmmm… it’s completely the opposite – I yearn for his counsel more now than I ever had. He has weathered the season which I will forge. Who has done the same for you?