Monday, February 6, 2012

Technology and Two Heads

So, I was sitting in a meeting the other day and decided I needed to take some notes. I proceeded to take my laptop from my bag and set it up on the table. I opened it up and started typing. Now, if you have ever been in a classroom lately you are probably accustomed to a bunch of people typing on computers, and the clicking sound that each of them makes. But, when you're the only one in the room with the computer open and typing, maybe it's a little distracting. The only reason I say this is that everyone in the room was staring at me like I had two heads. You know the feeling, the one where everyone tries not to act like they're looking at you but it's pretty obvious.

I guess I say this because I figured we are living in a pretty technological world; but I guess not. My thing is, why would I take notes on a yellow pad when I could just do it straight onto my computer for easy filing? Peeps need to wake up and get into the 18th century! I'm not saying you have to use a computer (yes I am), but when I set mine up… don't look at me like I'm crazy. I am amazed that more people are not taking notes this way. I'm always looking for ways to cut down on extra work. It seems to me that this would be one of the simplest ways to cut down on that work. I don’t know… just a thought.

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