Monday, February 6, 2012

Twitter me…

I just got done archiving about 100 e-mail messages from my inbox. The funny part about it is none of them are spam. All of these e-mails are within the last couple of days and carry “important” information for me to get stuff done. This got me to thinking, what the heck was I doing before e-mail and other social media outlets were around? I mean really, do I really need all of this stuff coming my way? And like I said, every message seemed so important when I was going through it. The leadership lesson for me here is that I need to get better at filtering my life. Imagine if there wasn't any e-mail, or cell phones, or Facebook, or anything like that.

For the younger generation, you can't even imagine this. You've grown up around all this madness. And then there's the older generation that grew up before computers and all that good stuff. And then there's my generation, which grew up in our mid-20s with this huge shift in media. Isn't that totally crazy?! I'm thinking of myself, even 10 years ago stuff was so different. But, to be a leader you are going to have to adapt. It's not cool to say that you don't know how to use e-mail, or any other kind of social media. So for all of you out there that are trying to make this transition, or trying to avoid it, here's a hint to start with: when you're on your Twitter account, you don't “twitter” somebody… You tweet them. Good luck.

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