Friday, September 7, 2012

Making yourself insdispinsible...

I just got off the phone with Kevin Cobb this morning.  Among the many subjects that we touched on I had a ton of questions regarding the season of leadership in which I am currently living.  I don’t get to talk with Kevin as much as I would like to, but the times that I do are always fulfilling.  As ususal, I had my notebook and pen in hand, waiting for anything and everything he was going to say.  And of course he did not disappoint.  He never does.  I asked Kevin about what it was going to take me to continue learning in leadership.  I know that sounds like a trivial and stupid question because we can always get better, but my question was deeper than that.  The many years I spent under Kevin’s leadership were filled with moments of wisdom and instances of growth.  The subject of this morning’s talk was: One who follows and learns from others needs to continue with a yearning for leadership, which will make them indispensible.

Kevin told me that one of his old mentors used to use the slogan “work yourself out of a job.”  What a great slogan.  Cobb mentioned that too many times people are afraid of losing position in a company and are afraid to teach others everything they know in fear that they may lose their job.    A true leader needs to come to a point in his or her mentoring process where they feel comfortable with the skill sets that God has given them, knowing that teaching others how to lead and become better will always lead to more and better opportunities.  Above that, leaders need to pursue mentorship.  This can be personal contact, reading blogs, listening to leadership audios, and reading books.  I feel I have gotten a handle on this approach to leadership, probably because I’ve been under Kevin’s supervision for so many years and continue to seek his advice.  I hope that each leader out there continues to work hard enough to potentially lose their job to somebody else.

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